Friday, 10 July 2015

Enabling Rich Snippets for Events

Event markup describes the details of organized events, such as musical concerts or art festivals, that people may attend at a particular time and place. Events that meet Google’s policy guidelines may be eligible for Rich Snippets in search results, as described in this document, as well as for display in Knowledge-Graph-powered features, documented separately.
Event Rich Snippets add one or more lines with structured details of upcoming events below your search result, like this:
image of a Google rich snippet for events

Basic markup properties

The full list of properties for an event are described on Use the most specific applicablesubtype of Event, such as ComedyEvent, Festival, FoodEvent, MusicEvent, TheaterEvent, or SportsEvent. Please mark up as many properties as you can, as they will help Google algorithms correctly index your pages. The following subset of properties is required to be eligible for Event rich snippets:
name (required)TextThe name of the event. This is shown in the rich snippet. See specific policies about event names below.
url (required*)URLA link to the event's details page.
Required if the event's details are on a different page. If the event is described on the page you are marking up, there is no need to mark up the url property.
location (required)Place or
The location or venue of the event. A text string is permitted, but we recommend that you represent the location by using a nested Place or Organization to separately specify a venue name and its address.
startDate (required)DateThe starting date and time of the event. See important information about the requirement for ISO 8601 date format.
offers (optional)OfferAn offer to buy tickets for this event. If present, some subfields are required.
offers.price (required)NumberThe lowest available price, including service charges and fees, of this type of ticket.
offers.priceCurrency(required)TextThe 3-letter currency code.

Example Event markup for rich snippets

The following example describes some basic information about a music concert, including the name, date and time, location, and URL for more information.
You can use the Structured Data Testing Tool to check that your markup is correct.
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Event",
  "name": "Example Band goes to San Francisco",
  "startDate" : "2013-09-14T21:30",
  "url" : "",
  "location" : {
    "@type" : "Place",
    "sameAs" : "",
    "name" : "The Hi-Dive",
    "address" : "7 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80209"

Event-specific usage guidelines and policies

In addition to the general policies that apply to all rich snippets, the following extra policies apply for Event rich snippets:
  • Events in the past will not be shown as a rich snippet. Leaving them marked up is still recommended.
  • Since Event rich snippets are not meant for advertising purposes, your event name should not contain any promotional elements such as the price of the event, a call to purchase, or an indication of a sale or temporary discount. For sales events, use the equivalent markup but using Invalid event names:
    • Trip package: San Diego/LA, 7 nights (Don't use rich snippets markup to promote non-event products or services.)
    • Music festival - only $10! (Instead, mark up ticket prices using the tickets property.)
    • Sale on dresses! (Non-event information)
    • Concert - buy your tickets now! (Promotion)
    • Concert - 50% off until Saturday! (Promotion)